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Publicado: 11/01/2017

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He/ She is responsible of MDM Koinadugu Operational Base, ensuring appropriateness of actions in respect of Médicos del Mundo (MdM) policies and of the projects currently implemented.

For this role, he/she ensures the correct administrative/financial management and sustainability of the country coordination preparing the overall budget and overseeing the preparation of project budgets. He/she supervises and controls the final statement of the same and closely monitors the preparation of financial reports in accordance with MdM and donors procedures. He/she is also responsible to support logistics and HR processes. He/she is also responsible to support in the coordination and supervision of the project teams managed by MdM in Koinadugu District.

Sierra Leone, at Kabala MDM Office, with regular visits along the district and to Freetown.

The successful candidate will coordinate and supervise the projects reporting directly to the Country Coordinator on the field.

-Planning and control of the overall country budget: preparation, in coordination with the Country Director and monitoring of the overall country budget.
-Monitoring of the coordination sustainability and of the correct allocation of costs on projects; monitoring of eligible costs for both projects and coordination expenses.
-Budget preparation and economic financial control of projects: new project budgets supervision in accordance with the planning and coordination and country /HQ office sustainability; in collaboration with the project managers, area administrator and Country Director, he/she regularly identifies economic and financial commitments necessary for the implementation of project activities.
-Goods management: verifies the sustainability and the correct management of MdM owned goods and equipment in collaboration with the logistics function. He/she supervises and verifies the correct application of purchasing procedures.
-Financial management: he/she supervises and controls the financial management (cash and banks) and the fund transfers to projects according to the needs and requests.; he/she manages and supervises funds from donors (instalments etc) updating the necessary info to be sent to the HQ;
-In accordance with the Country Director, he/she guarantees the correct and timing reception of funds from donors; he/she ensures the proper management and control of the cash for the overall coordination and bases / coordination of any area and related expenses.
-Economic-financial project monitoring: he/she periodically verifies the project status: balances, expenses and financial planning in collaboration with project managers.
-Reporting and audit: he/she finalises and checks final and intermediate financial reports; is n charge for the correct reporting and ensures the correct filing of the administrative project documents; he/she is responsible for the preparation and execution of in country audit and collaborates for audit carried out at HQ level.

- Management of local staff and administration of local staff: he/she manages and supervises local accountants and ensures their training; supports the CD in the setting of standards for the local staff management (country rules) and ensures the correct filing of staff documents
-Procedures: she supports PM and projects administrators in the correct application of MdMI and donors administrative procedures
-Institutional Relations: in collaboration with the CD, he/she is responsible for relations and related paperwork, with public institutions and administration of the country (Labour Inspectorate, Directorate General of Taxes, banks etc.) and with the offices of the donors for administrative and financial issues.
-Logistics, Administration and Financial supervision of project. Supervising attainment of objectives, guaranteeing appropriate monitoring through follow-up of project indicators and verification sources.
- Preparation of the SITREP situation reports, monitoring reports and final reports required by donors
- Participates in the definition and update of project planning and budgets.
-Is responsible for preparation of all supplies in collaboration with logistics department ensuring that they are done according to guidelines and on time, and ensuring that all procurement policies adhered to.
-Is Responsible for submission of all locall purchase requests to HQ.
-Participates, together with Country Coordinator, in the definition of human and material resources needs to ensure the correct implementation of activities.
-Coordination of staff assigned to the projects in his/her charge. Guarantees that ongoing projects are implemented in line with organisation’s policies and principles.
-Represents MDM in meetings with local authorities and others stakeholders
He/She is responsible and supervise all staff members working at the projects (recruitment, training, follow up, evaluations).
-Ensures that security is guaranteed to the highest level possible by implementing all MdM policies.
-Ensures the proper management of the resources under his/ her supervision
-Development of new projects proposals, strategies and reports related to MDM actions in Koinadugu required by Coutnry Coordination and / or Medical coordinator.

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Sierra Leone
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Requisitos Mínimos:
Academic: Essential university degree.
Supplementary: Project management training.

Languages: Fluent English
Computer knowledge: Office pack user level.
Availability: 12 months

The successful candidate must have at least 2 years’ experience in health coordination on emergency or international cooperation projects.
Work on emergency response projects for epidemics in similar contexts, particularly in Africa, will be considered an asset.

High organizational capacity and for adaptation to rural environments and stressful situations.
Proven capacity for personnel leadership and management.
Team work and networking capacity.
Thoroughness and self-sufficiency at work.
Identification with the lines of work, values and mission of Médicos del Mundo.

To join immediately.

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